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Destination Wedding Monasterio del Espino

A magical wedding. Plain and simple, that would be the perfect description to define what happened that April 13 at El Monasterio del Espino. A perfect day, from start to finish, with a short but emotional civil ceremony at sunset.


Nothing could paint better since my great friend Patricia With Love and I arrived in Santa Gadea del Cid, and we couldn't have a better reception. It's a great pleasure to be able to work in places like this, which make you feel at home from minute zero. Special mention to Koldo, he was in charge of making sure that everything worked that day and it did work like a charm.


And what about them, Lucian and Andrea are naturalness and love personified. Something that helps a lot so that our work is rewarded with a lot of moments in the form of memories. It always helps, why not say it, the fact that the preparations are in the same place, everything flows better and lives in a more relaxed way.


This tranquility is contagious and enjoyed in another way. Couples like them who fully trust and let go are the ones who win my heart from the start.

Remember, it is only enjoyed once and nobody will do it for you. Be true to yourself.



Everything accompanied, a perfect sunset, a beautiful light and a smiling couple that made the most of every moment. A smile escapes me every time I remember that complicity, it is something that I value and admire in people. A pleasure to have been able to build a small memory for you. Thanks infinite guys !!


Monasterio del Espino


Patricia With Love




Derby Gardeazabal


Goya Floristas


Oiana Antón


Exel Djs

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