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Wedding in Caserío Olagorta

Wonderful couple and wonderful wedding in Caserío Olagorta la de Iratxe & Endika. It is always a pleasure to return to Caserío Olagorta to record a wedding as beautiful as the one we experienced that day. The importance of letting yourself be carried away by feelings and emotions, in short, being true to yourself, is demonstrated by the attitude of this piece of couple who enjoyed 100%.


I always say that the party does not start at the dance but when you really realize that everything is a party. I love it when, from the preparations, you share those nerves and that illusion with family and friends. Because the really important thing about this day is that. SHARE AND FEEL.


There is nothing more magical than having the possibility of getting together with all your friends and siblings to live with intensity that day that passes so quickly. I think choosing your friends and siblings to get dressed and start the day with a family atmosphere helps a lot to start the day in the best possible way. Those moments that arise spontaneously are the ones that remain for you to remember. Ultimately, more moments means more memories.


And that's what it's all about, enjoying as if there were no tomorrow. Thank you couple for trusting me fully and making me feel like one of you, but above all for your sincere gratitude. Receiving your love after all this process that makes us connect in a special way to work on your day is simply the best feeling.


Thanks to Eugenia del Caserío Olagorta, working as a team and rowing in the same direction makes everything much easier. Feeling at home is great and I only have good words for the whole team. And of course my super compi Patricia With Love, working together every day is more cool.


Caserío Olagorta


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