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Wedding at Jardín de Barretaguren

One of the most beautiful weddings of 2021 was undoubtedly that of this wonderful couple in the Barretaguren Garden. A beautiful wedding that despite having to be postponed, did not lose any detail that its protagonists had dreamed of so much. And it is that love cannot be stopped, quite the opposite.


I perfectly remember the first meeting with them. For me a wonderful moment because it is when I can finally meet you, my partners, and at the same time I can listen to your story and the illusion with which you ask me how that day that you have between eyebrows will unfold. I would dare to say that there is a similarity here, because for me it is also a huge motivation to sit in front of you and think that you want me there with you. It is a great way to get to know each other and find out about your tastes.


We met again a month before the wedding and recorded some cool images with her dog, who would later be a surprise guest at her wedding. I love these previous reports because spontaneous and natural images always emerge that serve to complement that memory of day B. I like to tell you that your wedding video will mainly have a narrative part, but it is also important to accompany it with an aesthetic part, so being able to spend some time recording some beautiful images is always a good idea. The same thing happens with the preparations, it is important to organize good schedules so that you dress slowly and be able to quietly record those previous moments where you share with your family and friends the nerves of what is to come.


Laura and Diego decided to have Itziar Ortuondo Wedding Planner to coordinate all the suppliers, something that totally facilitates our work. So thanks to her everything went perfectly. The ceremony took place in the beautiful church of Carmen in Neguri, and the banquet and subsequent party in the Garden of Barretaguren de Güeñes.


Thanks to all the friends who worked hard to make this beautiful wedding a success and finally Laura and Diego could have their long-awaited and dreamed wedding.


Itziar Ortuondo


Jardín de Barretaguren


Barroeta Atelier


Liken Studio



Maider Martínez


Amaia Lauzirika


Inma Fiuza


Álvaro Santos


Hey Mickey Events


Sastrería Foraster 


Drums On Live

Barretaguren reseña 1.jpg


¨We had Álvaro for our wedding video and we were really delighted with his work. From the first day we were with him, he gave us a lot of confidence and closeness.


Álvaro made the whole process a lot easier and on the day of the wedding he knew how to capture all the moments without us practically noticing his presence. The result exceeded our expectations and got us excited :)


We have recommended it to all our friends!!!¨


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